This is WayWay

A new service for the taxi industry that connects passengers that are heading the same way, making it possible to share the taxi and the cost.

It only takes two

WayWay is an add-on, taxi sharing service that helps taxi companies offer advanced and professional mobility services to their passengers.

The service is built to integrate with any API and is a new way of making use of the taxi industry and will give people more options when getting from A to B.

WayWay consolidates the taxi company’s volumes and connects the passengers' routes that match.

How it works

  1. Order

    After booking a taxi, users are presented the option to open the trip to a taxi pool. WayWay will then search the area for other bookings with matching destinations.

  2. Share

    WayWay connects passengers that are heading the same way. They share both the car and the fare. A great way for passengers to reach their destination at a lower cost.

    If no match is found, the taxi will arrive according to the user's booking request and at a regular rate.

  3. Pickup

    The matched passengers are notified with a pickup point shown on their maps. It will be the closest destination in between their locations.

    Drivers will be notified of the booking's pickup point, names, and numbers as a regular ride. Passengers will be responsible for being at the pickup point on time for departure.

  4. Payment

    Any payment method provided by the company will remain. WayWay presents the amount each passenger should pay that can then be collected accordingly.


Finding new ways for the taxi industry

WayWay is an initiative in cooperation with Taxi Stockholm and Taxibokning.

The service was founded based on the idea of streamlining the utilization of taxis and the insight that most trips seem to be going to and from the same destinations such as airports, exhibition halls, arenas or other frequently visited venues.

The service can offer people alternative itineraries to more destinations without having to increase the number of taxis on our roads or taking the risk of the costs being too high. Mobility shouldn’t be just a big city privilege.