Hey taxi driver

With you in mind

When designing this new service, you were always on our mind. We know that all new behaviour needs to be simple and seem natural and we know from start that we needed to have you on board. So, to make sure everybody has a nice experience sharing the service you provide, here are a few things you should know about.

How it works

and how it affects you

  1. Book

    Bookings are sent to the taxi driver’s terminals as usual; the only difference is that these routes have two or more passengers.

  2. Match

    WayWay makes it possible to match passengers who are heading the same way to make use of cars that otherwise would have been half full.

  3. Pick-up

    The matched passengers get a pick-up location displayed on a map on the customer’s device. It will be a destination between their positions. It will not affect the driver’s route; you will still get one (1) pick-up were the passengers meet.

  4. Payment

    Any payment method you provide to your passengers, work. WayWay presents each passenger’s amount for you to collect. For all shared routes, a fixed price model will apply to minimize any confusion.